Monday, February 16, 2009

me on Twitter? *never*.... *lol*

yep! I joined... didn't let me enter "craigslist criticism" -- too many letters -- so I'm "craigscriticism" on Twitter -- let's see if it's what's cranked-up to be... D.

found the picture for Stephen Colbert!

I mentioned it way back: here it is!... the shoeless Craig (posing for Frederic Neema)

(aside) who's answering constituents' questions?

EVEN MORE: if you are interested in the topic Craig brought-up in that entry, make sure you understand who is actually responding when a constituent sends a letter etc. to their Representative/Congressperson D.

MORE: so Craig decided to delete my comment...(the path I put down bellow is still there -- that crazy hodgepodge of numbers and letters for a comment number); he's going to continue to come across as an idiot pretending to be knowledgeable about things he has no idea about and not realizing that people don't tell him the truth... often for self-serving reasons... D.
Sunil, it's unclear to me if you are just playing into Craig's naiveté or you are not familiar with what is really going on in those offices... D.


comic relief: is Craig gay? (Robert Scoble) what would have Craig *liked* to happen in Galilee?

MORE: yes... the P.S. was meant as a joke :), -- the whole entry is comic relief -- if you pay attention to the background there are other people walking in and out of Craig's house...(around .50 time mark) a party of some sort? D.
that grin at the end is positively creepy...


P.S. and have you noticed the young guy (in flamboyant jacket) casually walking past Craig (0.12 time mark) and into Craig's house as if going home? D.

why was Valleywag (Owen Thomas, specifically) silen on Craig's NAMBLA thing?

MORE: Good, God!I *really* hope this ISN'T Valleywag's Owen... -- didn't notice before but the conviction is listed and under 14 is way too young to have possibly thought the kid was actually an adult; still, not everybody who gets convicted is in fact guilty but it looks pretty bad... D.
re: Craig's NAMBLA thing? (and related topics, when they were squarely brought up on Valleywag by commenters)

... I do hope I'm wrong on this one... but take a look at this: doesn't that guy look too much like Valleywag's Owen Thomas? (it's hard to find a somber picture of him nowadays, but here is one taken from about the same angle -- his head is tilted the other way and he's got a smile on so that makes the mouth hard to compare but if you look at the structure of the head, the eyebrows, the nose shape, the eyes... )

I've always assumed his first name was Owen and his last name Thomas... but could he have switched them when he registered in San Francisco as a sex offender against children? or did he switch them in real life after registering ? Is either his first or second name Alex (as on the sex offenders' list)?


P.S. If I'm wrong on this (and I *do* hope I'm wrong), I would think Owen shouldn't feel offended: I mean I put down the evidence I saw with the doubts and all...

P.P.S. even if this is true, it does not necessarily mean that Owen is a horrible person -- he may just have been in a relationship with a guy who was 17 but looked and claimed to be older, who knows... but regardless, such a record would make him much less likely to look into NAMBLA issues and the like (for fear that his own record might be looked into and brought up) D.

(aside) the dubious story choices of

MORE: much better!
Good God, David! I was curious what happened with your project...

And this was the front-page-pitch I found! I can't stop wondering if you are considering moonlighting -- it's hard to see how else would you so easily get talked into financing this...

Yeah, this is the sort of reporting that would benefit the community *as a whole* -- after all, we all have the pressing need to know if the "sex workers" are doing better or worse...

Your choice of stories may have a lot to do with why you have a hard time convincing people that journalism is a public good worth subsidizing.


(aside) the dubious story choices of

MORE: much better!
Good God, David! I was curious what happened with your project...

And this was the front-page-pitch I found! I can't stop wondering if you are considering moonlighting -- it's hard to see how else would you so easily get talked into financing this...

Yeah, this is the sort of reporting that would benefit the community *as a whole* -- after all, we all have the pressing need to know if the "sex workers" are doing better or worse...

Your choice of stories may have a lot to do with why you have a hard time convincing people that journalism is a public good worth subsidizing.


comic relief: Eileen uses Craig's card and craigslist...

... in an attempt to find her stolen glasses

in the poster ad, she gives the impression that *Craig* lost his glasses (brown with *turquoise undertones*? kind of gay, don't you think? ...): it's his number on top and his card on bottom

the Ayurvedic herbs mentioned towards the end of Eileen's ad on craigslist cracked me up! (does she believe in that sort of non-sense? she must...), as well as the fact that she had her passport with her while going to the Yogagarden...

and why would she tell people she had a very high prescription? was she expecting the finders to try her glasses on?

anyway, I hope she finds her glasses etc.... :)


P.S. wondering if Craig knows that she posted his phone number and card and that the sort of people that stole her stuff could very well have his personal info by now... D.

comic relief: Michael Halligan thinks Craig is slow... (*mentally*...)

(here) -- referring to this

... and Craig *still* doesn't get it...


P.S. earlier he though he was doing a great job as a volunteer waiter ("If someone spilled their drink last night, I'd rush in with a refill"), until someone who had been present set him straight...("The visual concept of you rushing anywhere makes me giggle ...")

P.P.S. he appears to be delusional on so many levels... D.

(aside) peer-to-patent


To whomever is in charge of this "pundits blog" overall:

suggestion: I'd make sure "the pundits" do answer pertinent questions about their posts (or get help if thy are unable to answer themselves). Otherwise, the designation seems to be a joke.


P.S. Good luck with everything, nonetheless! D.

MORE: doesn't this result in some applications being much more scrutinized than others? (which would be unfair) D

re: "the submission of top ten prior art by the pool of experts, who collectively constitute the 'person having ordinary skill in the art,' --> it really depends on who gets involved (and stays involved) with this project and how good a job they do at it ... as volunteers...

it could be well beyond ordinary skill; this would, arguably, result in an "unfair process" given that some applications would be much more scrutinized than others...


P.S. not a bad idea if they could have enough like-volunteers commit to the project say a year in advance so that the "extra help" could be evenly distributed D.

(more on) Anthony Batt and craigslist

or maybe not:)... (my comment is still "on moderation," while he's posted one that was submitted before mine and was not posted when I submitted mine so it's hard to believe that he just didn't see mine yet, he's also got a new entry up)

... looks like he may not have done much re: craigslist ... like a previous poster was saying... (much less politely...) D.
should have asked him from the beginning...


I'm curious what did you actually do re: craigslist. You said at one point that you were "crucial in the development of and launch of Craigslist." This doesn't seem to square off with the fact that Craig hasn't given you credit for such a significant contribution (although he has credited, on the craigslist site, others that appear to have done less).

Could you please clarify that? Thanks!



(more on) Anthony batt and craigslist

is what he has said regarding his contribution to craigslist true ? Was he "crucial in the development of and launch of Craigslist"? if so, why haven't you given him credit for it on the craigslist site (like you credited others that helped)? D.

comic & sad relief: Craig's money

re: "I wonder, what happens this time? Will people with money show it off, hunker down, or maybe share the wealth?"

oh, I don't know... what are *you* going to do? *lol* talking of which, where are the fees from Erotic Services really going?

re: "That money will be donated to charities that address human trafficking and child exploitation, Buckmaster said. But the charities haven’t been chosen. That was one reason Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum would not join his 40 colleagues in supporting the changes at Craigslist — it’s unclear where that money will go, and how it will be distributed."
(Abigail Goldman in Las Vegas Sun: "Hawking erotic services? Craigslist now has your number" -- and *your money*!" I might add ...D.)


P.S. Nemrut: notice how Craig is implying that he can only afford "the cheap version of a mid priced watch" (just how stupid does he think his readers are?) D.


(more) comic relief: craigslist rant&raver: "outwardly heterosexual men" Meaning they are at least bisexual or closeted homosexuals"...

"Craig is gay or bi too. Look at him! " (5th line)

Reply to: [?]
Date: 2008-10-28, 4:12PM PDT


P.S. ok... I'm looking... what am I supposed to see, exactly? (is this "feminine body language" when compared with the other guy in that picture?) *lol*

and why doesn't Eileen see it...or does she? (again, it may not be funny at all...) D.

(NOT funny) way to stand up for a couple of friends...

Craig: "Tony and Rick are hideous... or something..."

well... it's very likely "something": Tony & Rick appear to be a couple of married gay man (notice the wedding bands) that... would rather not show their faces on Craig's blog (it's a free country...)


P.S. particularly bad of Craig to suggest they are hiding their faces because they are hideous if Craig is himself gay.. D.

comic relief: Craig's Detroit Years

re: "Lived there for ten years; There was a woman involved."

well, that's just part of the story and gives the wrong impression without clarifying what really happened: the relationship ended a week after Craig got to Detroit... -- I wonder why... did she find out Craig was a NAMBLA supporter and just split? smart girl:)...


(comic relief: is Craig gay?) Craig gets excited by the IKEA Catalog...

FINAL: to close this on a light note: again, Valleywagers have some jokes implying Craig is gay: re: jbsacks: "Craig Newmark silently puts together his 'missed connection' post for Obama." ; the 16th comment is pretty I'm not going to quote it here...

STILL MORE: or maybe he just has low drive and infrequent meetings is all he really needs and wants? anyways... it's only tangentially relevant to this blog (to the extent that he has been deceiving people) and I think I've pretty much fully covered the topic, unless someone (such as Owen) really breaks some news...

EVEN MORE: notice that "the gf" is a "surprise *guest*" [my emphasis] in Craig's house on a quiet Sunday -- what kind of relationship *is* this? after years and years of supposedly having been in a happy, committed relationship (5th line) they don't routinely spend Sundays together? (she is merely a surprise guest on a quiet Sunday) why NOT? is Craig pursuing "other interests" (and genders...) in his spare time? would she be an inconvenient presence? D.

MORE: isn't that always a possibility? sure... it's just that, percentage-wise, the chance of acquiring HIV is much much higher if you are in an intimate relationship with a gay/bisexual man D.
(NOT "the gf" showing off in his office...0.40 time mark)


P.S. if he *is* in fact gay, is Eileen a knowing accomplice to maintaining his false public image as a straight man? (I would think so... I mean, I would *hope* so for her own sake -- not that it would be morally ok for her to do that but... good God! helping while NOT knowing would be so sad... could have deadly repercussions, also -- see AIDS) D.

comic relief: in an attempt to assuage fears that he is gay...

... Craig agreed to be circumcised right in front of the gf's family! ("gf family bris")


P.S. They tried to make him feel better by offering him four cakes but he was hurting so bad that he couldn't eat much... ("four cakes not needed") D.

comic relief: is Craig delusional?

I mean, it's one thing to be gay... but quite another to believe you can be "in a family way" (pregnant) D.

comic relief: need a psychologist (psychiatrist?) to figure out why would Craig...

...choose to have a rotating saw blade as his... well... see for yourself...


P.S. is he a top afterall? (and a cruel one at that...) D.

comic relief: Craig re: Sex and the City: "I'm about two thirds Charlotte, one third Miranda."

hmmm... is he saying he is a bottom?

comic relief (Craig's speeches): Gordon: "I wasn't aware such a caliber of monotony was possible"

another one of Craig's BSing that would be funny if it wasn't sad... D.

re: Gordon: (2nd from last paragraph) "I stopped paying attention somewhere in the middle and then for some reason my ears perked up when his speech became a political rally cry, but it was boring nonetheless."

Dave: (last paragraph) "Well he winged it alright. And no it wasn't a 15 minute speech. It was more like a 20 minute, incoherent ramble under a blistering hot sun. Painful, inconsiderate, douchey. I can't believe he got paid to speak at the top public university in the country, and didn't think it was worth his while to prepare a speech."

(is Craig gay?) Jim? Eileen and Susan? comic relief: where is *my* gaydar?

EVEN MORE: somebody else who seems to have personal knowledge...

answer for mediawhoremeou below:

(valleywag) bgj@mediawhoremeow: See my post above yours. Ouch! Will this make Craig "come out of the closet" and fight?

--> again, when I first read this comment I did not think it necessarily implied Craig was gay... I guess I'm pretty naive on these issues (thank god this never hurt me in real life... you hear horrible stories of women turning HIV positive after unwittingly being in a relationship with a gay/bi guy, some of them "happily married"... -- Price Charming just "forgot" to tell them this little detail that would have made them never consider having an intimate relationship in the first place...) D.

MORE: Craig's boyfriends coming out of the woodwork?

(valleywag) laserjobs: "Craig Newmark is a total SCUMBAG" (...) My comment was from dealing with Craig personally. Anyone I know who has meet him thinks the same thing." D.

errata: oops! looks like he was bi and out... and turned exclusively gay after his four year marriage to a woman! NNDB: " In 1976, John revealed in an interview in Rolling Stone that he was bisexual. In 1989, after four years of being married to a woman, John announced he was no longer bi, but strictly gay."... again, one of those things that are only funny if you are not in the situation... (I think it was on a recent MTV documentary that he spoke favorably of the relationship... but don't quote me on anything I say for comic relief:) D.
(valleywag) mediawhoremeow: "Is Craig Newmark gay? Just wondering. He strikes me as gay."

... looks like I just can't tell the signs... (people say they can just sense something in the mannerism, voice inflections etc.... it takes a whole lot more for me to just suspect it...)


P.S. who knows... it may turn out that Jim is gay also! (I remember something in feedback forum to that effect, someone asking what was the real relationship between Craig and Jim...) ... and Eileen and Susan are marrying each other any time now! *lol* sorry, sorry... may not be funny at all...

P.P.S. the thing is you never know... sometimes even the person in case seems to not really know -- Elton John was married to a woman for four years if I remember right, *after* being famously out of the closet as gay (not even bi)... and has described the marital relationship as fulfilling... go figure! D.

comic relief: Craig fails the celebrity test... again... (after all this time)

re: (end of second paragraph from bottom) paparazzi: "Who are you?" did they take his picture out of pitty? I mean... how mcuh is Craig's picture worth? just wasting shots... D.

(Craig & NAMBLA) Owen is busy...

...exposing Moller


P.S. when is he going to look into Craig's NAMBLA thing?

Anthony Batt and craigslist

EVEN MORE: at one point someone editing the Wikipedia page on "craigslist" posted, among other things, that Craig was going around asking everyone he met for their business card ... --> Craig got pissed to the point of going on Wikipedia, attempting to edit the craigslist entry himself and telling an editor he could get Jimmy's help....(and he certainly did...)

well, if it was an acquaintance email list he was putting together... he must have gotten their email addreses somehow, no? and how do you get to the numbers he got in such a short time? asking for a card that would have the email address on it seems very likely... D.

MORE: interesting that Anthony refers to the pre-online craigslist as "an email list to acquaintances"

... what did he actually do? I don't think Craig ever credited him with helping him launch craigslist on the internet, yet this is what he claims on his site: (5th paragraph)"In 1995, Batt worked closely with friend Craig Newmark on the development and launch of Craigslist, helping to take it from its original format -- an email list to acquaintances -- to an online destination"; a profile for a 2007 conference goes much further: (3rd paragraph) "Batt was crucial in the development of and launch of Craigslist" [my emphasis]... if true, this certainly deserves acknowledgment... he is nowhere to be found on the craigslist page for "folks who contributed to the cause in the early years of craigslist;" it would appear that Paul Risenhoover's contribution, who is credited (second picture from bottom), was less substantial...


P.S. Craig just gives him credit on talking him into using "craigslist" as a formal name... D.

(the penniless Craig) Robert Scoble can't be as gullible as to believe him, can he?


Tell me you are not as gullible as to believe Craig that he *needs* to room with you… (as in he couldn’t have afforded to pay for his own room).


(Mozilla help: (the penniless Craig) Robert Scoble can't be as gullible as to believe him, can he? )

comic relief: does the neighborhood

... squirrel think Craig is an ass? D.

(Mozzila help: comic relief: does the neigborhood)

comic relief: Craig makes the unsexiest man list...

I don't think that's what he was going for... D.

comic relief: "Craig is somewhat embarassed that this is called 'craigslist' "

certainly looks like a goofified version of reality to me... (last sentence under Craig's bio) : just check out what the earlier versions of craigslist had on the main page: his signature... in motion!... and after a month (or less) he also added his picture! (it's chopped off, doesn't show the entire face -- was he thinking this was the flattering part?)


P.S. this is by far the most ME-emphasizing page I've ever seen... (it definitely makes you stare at his name as the signature unfolds) D.

(comic relief or more deceit?) talking about the endowment...

Craig:"I told him I was uncomfortable with a guy complementing us on the magnitude of our endowment..."

(taking about the Berkeley thing -- end of the video)

if Craig is in reality straight (not only in his personal ads...) this is funny...; if he is gay, like some people have been saying (and I suspected for some time ), it's just piling up more deceit...

(valleywag) Noodles & Beef: "Anyone curious why is Craig in the gay porn district?"

EVEN MORE: straight from the craigslist site: Bachelor Craig (if he is indeed gay, this looks like blatant deceit to me -- getting his mother to "help out," also... just sick...) D.

MORE: someone on the Wilmington craigslist (Rants & Raves) talks about it as if it were a known fact... (it may well be among certain people); re: "since Craig Newmark is gay"

title: Gay pride
Reply to:
Date: 2008-01-26, 9:51AM EST
the response comment makes me think I did stumble on something:

Sample023: "I'm curious (...) why you are so excited about outing someone."

Again, it would have been irrelevant if Craig wouldn't have deceived people about it (he still has a looking-for-repationships-with-women Friendster profile up).

Why doesn't Owen just come out and say it? He must know if Craig is gay... (he had no problem when it came to others, such as Peter Thiel). There have been a number of comments to the effect that Craig is gay by now but no reaction from Owen -- does the NAMBLA thing have something to do with it? (opening a too big can of worms?)


P.S. may explain why Craig's been calling Eileen "the girlfriend" (against her long standing clear wishes): "my girlfriend", may just not sound right to him! and rightly so... (poor Eileen... is she Craig's beard unwittingly? if she knew about it all along... I feel silly for having said she deserves respect...) D.

comic relief: is Craig wearing a diaper?

... it certainly looks like it...


P.S. he also appears to be... checking on it... (4.51 time mark --that was "full frontal scrutiny" alright...) D.

again, what kind of "nerd" can't figure out...

MORE: Craig:" I am a nerd, not a wonk" (3rd paragraph)--> looks like you are neither... (just a self-congratulatory loud mouth) D.

... how to install an IPhone? (needs to ask for help on the internet: "anyone know what's going on?" --> gee, I don't know... ask a nerd?:) *lol*)


I remember coming across a comment from one of Craig's former colleagues to the effect that he was clueless at work, I think "doofus" was the exact word used... D

(valleywag) BGJ: "the famous Craig is also gay. So?"

EVEN MORE: found a positive NAMBLA comment apparently by Craig: "NAMBLA unfairly gets a bad rap" I think there was at least one more, maybe on the utopia site (apparently removed)

MORE: now... the NAMBLA thing may be a completely different story... D.
re: A Gay Entrepreneur's Tale

as I was saying, nothing wrong with it, in itself... D.

(comic relief) : Craig's speeches: half the people are taking off! *lol*

re: "before he was done half the room had cleared out"...
(3rd paragraph, second half of second sentence; Stuart McHenry - My Internet World)

good news! looks like people have had enough of his act...:) D.

(comic relief) the case of the hairy hand...

(4:26) reminds me of a classic case in law: guy goes to the doctor for a hand skin graft; doc decides to take some skin from his chest and transplant it to his hand; successful operation except for one little detail... the guy ends-up with a hairy hand...) D.

(more) comic relief: Craig's girlfriend Eileen gets a mention on craigsblog as...

more recent UPDATE (august 11th, 2010)

UPDATE: well, I meant for "picture" below to link to this picture! and it did at the time I put in the link address yesterday but looks like that pic got moved to a different folder... so just to clarify, I didn't imply Craig would regard Stephen Colbert as "booty".... but I guess you never know -- I still think there is a good possibility he's not exactly straight, not that there would be anything wrong with it in itself...) D.

MORE: well... looks like Craig got the wrong picture to go with that caption...

... booty! (caption for third picture)


comic relief: according to Wikia, craigslist is a fad...



P.S. that is the top hit when searching for "Craigslist" on Wikia (you are getting better, Jimmy:)... D.

Craig and Jimmy are sounding more and more alike (bad for Jimmy...)

Hi Jules!

the following part appears to refer to craigslist and Craig Newmark (not Wikipedia and Jimmy Wales):

"“How much money does Wikipedia make, in donations or otherwise?”

Wales: I really don’t know. Jim [the COO] would probably know. And Mabel [?] would certainly know. All I know, though is that our business model is laughable.

Wales went on to talk about how, given Wikipedia’s massive page views, simply adding Google Adsense would contribute up to $80M to the bottom line. “But we haven’t done it because our users haven’t asked for it.” After the appreciative audience applause died down, Wales went on to say that they constantly consider that Wikipedia’s potential untapped revenue is a massive resource for doing good, namely in the form of third world philanthropy. So he told the prematurely congratulatory crowd that, although he is not making any changes whatsoever to the business model, we should all consider what we could be doing for the less fortunate if Wikipedia were ad-supported. "


P.S. take care! D.

comic relief: Craig is busy meeting all the women he can get away with...

is the DA of SF more famous than Craig? (yeah, right...) I guess he wanted his girlfriend Eileen's bracelet so he could accost one more woman...


Craig on "casual encounters"

Craig: "people sometimes ... well... they may talk about things one way but in practice people have common interests..." (1.12 time mark)

no!... he didn't say that... (what a romantic guy!-- marriage may not be for him, after all...) D.

"the gf": what a bonehead!

EVEN MORE: OK... I'm done with this topic...

MORE: poor Eileen... she's still living in a crash pad with her brother? ( September 07, 2007 @ 03:47 PM) get married, Craig! don't be stupid...

is Craig retarded or just a jerk? he keeps calling her "the gf" when he knows damn well she hates being called that! -- it's his girlfriend (not "the girlfriend") and her name is Eileen... what's so difficult about that? (she's been his girlfriend for about 3 years -- she at least deserves that much recognition...)


comic relief: "craigslist criticism" makes Technorati...

... by way of my numa-numa-blog???


P.S. and no... I haven't "claimed" any of my blogs (the Technorati thing for being included -- I thought it was a requirement) D.

Craig is bragging he's more famous than "the gf"?

on his blog... -- for everybody to see just how lousy he treats her... (what a jerk...)


P.S. was she saying she's not going to give up her bracelet ...or ... was she protesting she's NOT "the gf"? D.

"the gf": what a bonehead!

EVEN MORE: OK... I'm done with this topic...

MORE: poor Eileen... she's still living in a crash pad with her brother? ( September 07, 2007 @ 03:47 PM) get married, Craig! don't be stupid...

is Craig retarded or just a jerk? he keeps calling her "the gf" when he knows damn well she hates being called that! -- it's his girlfriend (not "the girlfriend") and her name is Eileen... what's so difficult about that? (she's been his girlfriend for about 3 years -- she at least deserves that much recognition...)


comic relief: Craig: "you... something... to your Yucca tree?"

(the guy had posted his Yucca tree on craigslist: 32:37) D.

comic relief: Craig: "San Francisco has great weather..."

yeah... until you've been to San Diego! as to "the occasional quake" (5.58 min)... I have a feeling they are going to give out (secial edition) golden ribbon Darwin awards to quite a few of those who are sticking around in SF for the next "big one"...


P.S. Spreckels was a smart guy, but he would have been just a tinny bit smarter would he had moved to San Diego before the quake... D.

So what was Craig's blunder last year?

re: ("What lesson did you learn in the last year?") Craig: How foolish I can be, in general.

foolish about what? craigslist did slip up in ranking but that doesn't seem to have been the result of anything Craig has done... (very likely the result of going on NOT doing things, like NOT using profits to get customer service and improvements at some sort of a decent level)...

... or was there something personal he regrets having done or not done...?


P.S. vague and ambiguous as always... D.

Avec plaisir, Google...

I don't think they ever asked but looks like they are using my blog (and others that are top Google hits) to solicit French speakers to start a Blogger blog...


P.S. just remember I don't endorse it :)....

re:"Blogger: Créez votre blog maintenant -- GRATUIT- [ Translate this page ]
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comic relief: why is Craig still single?

waiting for Julia Roberts to show some interest...? (end of fifth paragraph from the bottom up)


P.S. as I was saying earlier, there may be very good reasons why he's not married... to a woman... although he declared his "desire to find a wife" in front of the press way back (beginning of fifth paragraph from bottom up) and more recently told them he's "single, committed" (he's just somehow forgotten he was supposedly looking for a wife... that he had a desire to find her... and that was way back... -- may well have been just another one of his stories...)

P.P.S. notice he's ambiguous again: "single, committed" may also mean committed to be single... D.

comic relief: (is Craig gay?) well, well... the clues keep popping up...

MORE: interesting that he removed the woman looking for "satisfaction" post but not Rick's...
Rick wants to rub Craig's tummy and... well, we better leave them alone ;) ...


comic relief: Brad Inman and Craig's common problem

their girlfriends dress them! (25 min) ... well, good idea! (the vertical line is slenderizing) but wrong color... (that screaming yellow just clashes with the rest of his outfit)


P.S. but in any case, if it's not just another one of his stories... (and that's a big IF) , it's nice that he wears the tie his girlfriend gave him -- it's just that he STILL keeps talking about her in public as "the girlfriend"... and still has a Friendster single-looking-for relationships profile up... (not to even mention acting seemingly gay and appearing to have NAMBLA connections...) D.

Thanks to Bogshares?

looks like they added my blog...


P.S. I wonder why... anyways, it's the thought that counts:)

for those who have no clue what Blogshares is (like *I* didn't...):

"WHAT IS BLOGSHARES? BlogShares is a fantasy stock market where weblogs are the companies. Players invest fictional dollars on shares in blogs. Blogs are valued by their incoming links and add value to other blogs by linking to them. Prices can go up or down based on trading and the underlying value of the blog. No actual ownership of blogs is transfered. BlogShares is purely a fictional marketplace."

Craig's on friendster?

MORE: in any case, it's odd that Craig would have a looking-for-relationships friendster profile still up...
UPDATE: hmmm... there is something odd going on... the properties on both pictures (date when the picture was created and modified) appear to change and show today's date... I doubt Craig is reposting them every day...( but I could be wrong)
looking for relationships/dating women??? contrary to many peoples' belief, there appears to be nothing "wholesome" about Craig's character... (he has publicly claimed he is NOT looking for relationships, that his girlfriend wouldn't approve -- how sweet... and meaningless...)


P.S. and yes! he is actually using friendster: he uploaded a second picture to his profile, today! (just check the properties on that picture) D.

is Craig gay?

STILL MORE: Is Craig a LGBT member? this seems to imply it: "The Commonwealth Club of California will present a special LGBT member-led forum featuring Craig Newmark, founder of, and Betty Sullivan, founder of"

AND MORE: does this really matter in any way? not in itself... but if he is in fact gay (while pretending to be straight, having a girlfriend, who apparently has no clue etc.), that would be more evidence for a deceitful character...

EVEN MORE: this is probably just rubbish... but it may also be legitimate smoke...

MORE: although you can see this (in a milder form) while he was talking with Jon Stewart (the note on Craig's blog about "playing straight" is intriguing in this context...)

notice how he touches himself throughout the interview (at critical moments) and the gazes he gives Charlie... especially at the 17.11 min (I've been watching way too many of these interviews and this is not usual behavior for him...)


P.S. hmmm... was that female poster barking up the wrong tree... and is there something to that NAMBLA thing... D.

(craigsblog) comic relief: a female poster looking for "satisfaction"...

left name and phone number... (and spelled it out...)


P.S. got removed... pretty quickly, actually... (I just did a search on the number -- couldn't find anything -- and name -- not a common one, there were a couple of interesting people by that name -- and by the time I got back... poof! the comment disappeared...) D.

(udate on) Craig's size and such...

... posters are going on and on about well off shorter guys dating taller younger women...


P.S. it's not clear if they are aware that Craig's girlfriend is significantly taller and younger than him... (not that I think the fact itself necessarily means anything... -- it may say something about Craig or it may not... it all depends on his actual reasons -- just wondering what's going on in their minds and whether they realize what they appear to be implying... ) D.

comic relief: Craig's size

Craig: I'm 5'7"

hmmm... is that the width? (I could see a big, BIG problem, then... -- kidding, kidding...:)


P.S. he does appear to have a "short man complex" -- giving enough importance to the idea that money would make a short man more desirable as a mate to mention it on his blog...

P.P. S. Oh... and by his own admission, he is NOT 5'7'' (just 5'6.5"... -- answer to the "how big are you?" question) ; not that I think it matters much... he does appear to have much more serious "shortcomings," stuff he could do something about ... D.

the second career path for a... not-so-smart guy...

"combined specialty in quantum physics and complexity theory" (tenth question) -- right! exactly what I would have thought... *lol* (looks like he's bullshitting either about not being so smart or about having any chance to do anything of the kind...)


comic relief: Craig's hero...

Leonard Cohen? really? ... if you want to listen to some of his stuff at Borders, for instance... you can't! (it's just not fit for the general public)... in any case, he comes across like an old lecher to me...


P.S. hmmm... wondering what does that say about Craig...

hmmm... what *kind* of weird? (around 2000, , a startup passed on Craig as "community manager")

MORE re:"Apparently no company would hire Craig. And this was a time when SF recruiters achieved the 7th level of nirvana when they landed someone who could code" -- again, it appears they would have had to have other reasons than the ... we just don't like his politics...
re: "Around 2000, we knew of a startup that needed a community manager. Craigslist's Craig applied but didn't get the job because we understood the head of engineering thought he was too weird [my emphasis] and had anti-capitalist ideas"

I'm not buying the weird by reason of political orientation: the community manager position would have been a job , an administrative job -- he would have had no say as far as the financial objectives of the startup were going to be...


P.S. it would be good to have more detail on this -- craigslist was definitely well known in San Francisco by that time (so the startup must have known who the applicant was -- Craig had impressive experience as community manager, not to mention that craigslist had turned for profit in 1999 and was already profitable... only 4 years after it began -- not bad at all!) D.

why "the gf" (when she's made it clear she hates being called that)?

re:"for the gf"

"She hates being called the Girlfriend and is unafraid to tell Newmark so"(middle of tenth paragraph -- May, 2006)

"Newmark insists on referring to Eileen as 'The Girlfriend'; this infuriates her"(end of forth paragraph -- August, 2006 )

makes you wonder what could this be about: she's made it clear she hates being called that yet he keeps publicly referring to her as that... for YEARS! (could it be that this relationship is a front of some sort? -- does Craig NEED to project the public image that he has a girlfriend?)


P.S. the details she gives (such as having a wall between them and the fact that he feeds her the exact same lines he gives to the papers after years of having been his girlfriend -- bottom half of tenth paragraph) give more reasons to wonder... D.

Heading down to Palm Beach -- see you after Memorial Day! D.

Craig and NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association)?

EVEN MORE: if any journalist would have the guts to just ask him what's this all about... I'm thanking you ahead of time:) ... if not, questions from the audience are second best... D.

MORE: look for a comment signed "Craig" or "Craig Newmark" saying something to the effect that "these guys [meaning NAMBLA] are really misunderstood," maybe a year or so back (may have been removed, but I remember seeing it at one point) D.
re: "Craig Newmark, is a long standing contributor to many political causes, most notably NAMBLA, which is why he got fired from IBM, and hasn't been able to keep a job for more than 6 months in the last 10 years (see his resume) . Apparently someone keeps outing him"

Hey I didn't see NAMBLA membership on Extracurricular Activities or Association Memberships......

(08-18-2004, 11:09 AM time stamp)


(Craig's blog) as I was saying... some people may ask good questions...

re:" Declare the Internet a public good.
a) Fine. Who pays for that?


P.S. and nope, no answer... D.

comic relief: according to Gawker, Craig=Cash...

re: "Tango with Cash..."


P.S. thanks for the laugh, Gawker! BTW, Craig seems to be gone... (a vacant look) -- definitely not participating if it was meant as a CE as you say... (re: caption) D.

Craig's one liners

UPDATE: well... I don't know if Craig withdrew his comment or Paul, the Reluctant Blogger, did away with it...

Craig: "brevity's the soul of wit"

this must be one of the most abused cliches: it assumes the writer has something smart to say (plenty of people who bring up that cliche really don't...) AND that it can be said briefly (this disqualifies complex ideas -- you can't possibly convey those in one liners).


... not so much to Google...

MORE: hmmm... it appears that it switches from one order of the set of results to the other for no particular reason... interesting! I would have thought you would get a consistent ranking of the hits... I mean, as long as the relevant stuff to be found doesn't change... D.


now... that was quick! (it reverted to giving my blog as the top hit...)


P.S. I'd like to document this (I still have the prior search result page up -- how do I get a screenshot image? let me know if you know how... thanks!) D.

I think this is a recent development (my blog had been the top hit for "craigslist criticism" on Google for months... and I only started a couple of months back)...

I have no clue why the change.. (my blog is now only on the second page of top hits and even there lower on the list than a lifejournal website that just lists "craigslist" and "criticism," separately, as interests -- it seems like Google garbled their results).

I mean, there is no new genuine craigslist criticism that's causing this... (the results themselves are the same that have been for months) .

I was hoping that was the case... :) (that somebody was finally taking this out of my hands) but the top hit (and the next 5) are hits as a result of MY having posted a craigslist criticism comment on those websites -- comments that are also present on my blog -- (would I NOT have commented a Google search on "craigslist criticism" would NOT have brought up those results at all...)

Google seemed to be "smarter" than other search engines in the sense that they appeared to notice that my blog was the source of all those craigslist criticism comments and listed it as the top hit. So, I don't know if they are going through a dumb down period or what? :)


P.S. Oh, well... no big deal... somebody get this out of my hands! please....:) D.

Thanks to swiki!

UPDATE: well... pages from that website selling the book are taking up half of the front page and the votes (my blog had 3 votes) appear to have been uniformely removed (no hits seem to have votes at this point...) I wonder what's going on... oh... I just noticed "the author" of this swiki is the author of that book...hmmm... isn't that a conflict of interest? oh, well... I'm just going to ignore these things from now on (I got good enough rankings, anyhow... for a "homemade," no ads, no promotion, no anything --> it's only the content and that feels good!) D.


I don't know what happen but my blog is currently the second top hit for "craigslist" (just plain "craigslist", not "craigslist criticism").


P.S. I'll try to not let it go to my head... (too much...) :) D.

Google, thanks! but no thanks! And no... I'm not gonna change my mind so...

... please stop offering?

re: too many "hints" to use Google ads...


P.S. I get the unpleasant feeling they keep breathing down my neck and screaming in my ear: "make $ off this blog, dammit!" D.

Thanks to swiki!


UPDATE: well... official craigslist pages and other search engine results (not to mention what seems to be shameless self promotion for selling a book -- numerous "top hits" are links to the same advertising website) seem to be crowding out original stuff... still, my blog is on top of the second page of results (as of now) D.

they are giving my blog as the 3rd top result for "craigslist" (just plain "craigslist," not "craigslist criticism"): this was unexpected (the other search engines are saturated with official craigslist pages results when you search for just "craigslist") and a pleasant surprise! D.

he *is* tripping...


re: " want no regulation, just protection from untrustworthy telecoms" (Craig's comment)

what he proposes is impossible to accomplish WITHOUT government regulation ("protection")


P.S. listen to the stuff if you have the time/interest... you'll probably hear more incoherent stuff from Craig (there is an interview on the topic -- I'd have to track it down-- where the interviewer tries to actually talk to Craig, take what he's saying and ask further questions ; as you might have guessed, it went nowhere... Craig just kept spinning around and repeating what he previously said without accounting for the new information the interviewer was giving him; that's one of the reasons that made me think he may be autistic or faking it...; at the time, there were some unflattering comments calling Craig dumb or stupid or something like that... he may play dumb but I don't think he's dumb -- I think he knows exactly what he's doing and he's just very good at fooling people so he ends-up getting away with way too much for way too long ... D.

sounds like Craig to me...

MORE: and what's with the "he's a really nice guy" thing... ? (sound like a fible attempt to butter him up... or is Craig admiring his position on Net Neutrality...? that's the topic the entry was supposed to be about.. or is he just tripping again so we should excuse his confusion?)

if it looks like it might help, let's drag back things from the past... and "forget" to mention that the current situation is the opposite...


In 1999, Scott Cleland endorses 'net neutrality


UPDATE: Scott tells me he's changed his positions. He's a really nice guy. " (April 11, 2007)


P.S. did Craig really NOT know Scott Cleland changed his position? yeah, right... he just "forgot" he ever did this thing... (he may have some memory problems but it can't be that bad...); disingenuous sounds more like it... D.

Craig fails the celebrity test...

...yet again (8.29 min mark)

Is Craig autistic?

possibly... but it may just be part of his geek persona -- he keeps dragging back from long ago things like the pocket protector and black rimmed glasses (he actually used them as props in at least one interview... -- made me think he's at least partly faking...) D.

does Craig have a "short man complex"?

wouldn't be surprised... (would explain a bunch of things) D.

comic relief: helping out craigslist staff?

Jim asks users to send viagra samples to craigslist staff (or so a poster thought...) D.

I need a break!

oohh... my internet provider is still down and I'm busy with the move etc... I'll see what I can do (it will probably be sporadic for a while...) but you don't really need me! just keep looking at things critically if you are interested in this subject... way too many people aren't doing that! D.

(careful with) quoting Craig...

MORE: A quote from Wikipedia: "Jimmy Wales was born to a Parisian whore named ‘Babette’ during the French Revolution"... funny thing is that ... chances are that's true! (according to the study that found Wikipedia to be mostly accurate... and with which Jimmy agrees...)

Hi Christopher,

No! you actually gave Wikipedia as a *source* in an academic context?... I'd have to track it down by I remember Jimmy said it's NOT meant to be used that way -- it's just meant to be a good starting point for further research...


P.S. I'd also be careful with quoting Craig (you never know if he's bullshitting or not... -- he doesn't seem to have a direct stake in the issue in this case, so you are probably fine here...) Anyways, good luck with everything and take care! D.

Craig fails Forbes' Web Celeb 25: Why?

" the biggest, brightest and most influential people on the Internet"

so on what criterion did Craig fail? let's see... he's certainly big enough! (not tall but when you add it all up... I would think he would qualify as "big"!) and he certainly appears to be influential (that may not last but for now I think he qualifies...)

so what's left? hmmm... Forbes must have thought he wasn't all that bright?:)


P.S. alright! I need to stop with the jokes... (I just need a laugh once in a while...) D.

Yes, I know my writing (on this blog) is crappy...

NOTE: this was originally right before who could do this
(it's pretty much stream of consciousness)

I'll see what I can do but by god don't expect it to be perfect! (*I* don't...)

I think getting the ideas out is a much better way to use the little time I spend on this (and I do wish somebody else would do this -- more to follow...)


Pppst... my humble blog is #1 on Google!


re: results for “craigslist criticism”

I’ve been trying not to brag about it for quite some time… but this is just too much fun not to celebrate!


P.S. I’m going out to get a drink – a Strawberry Margarita, got drunk on it once… (just one glass… on an empty stomach…) D.

who could do this...

(much much better than I)

Jay Rosen is my first pick, by far... (no offense to those I don't know or I don't know well enough to realize just how good a job you could do at this)

and here's why (talking about keeping his project, NewAssignment, non-profit) :

"Good points, D.
Nope, it's non-profit all the way and will never become a commercial enterprise. I wouldn't be interested in a patent if it ever came to that. This is a Creative Commons, gift economy type thing; that's crucial to the kind of trust involved in the whole effort.

If New Assignment ever made money (which I highly doubt) it would all go into the journalism-- meaning do more journalism, do higher quality work, employ more journalists, give them health insurance, buy libel insurance, etc. And, yes, that will be clearly spelled out from the beginning. I don't think you can ask people to donate their time, knowledge & enthusiasm for something that enriches the "owners."

and yes I did ask him (sort of...):

"I'm contemplating a craigslist criticism blog of some sort -- I just think there are a lot of good questions about craigslist that are just not being asked or are merely alluded to (BTW, I'd love it if YOU did an article on craigslist... might even change my mind about this 'specialty blog' idea ...).

I also know Craig kick started his NewAssignment project...

So it would make me really happy if *anybody* would take this out of my hands and do an honest to goodness article on craigslist (so I could do more productive things with my time... like hiking, or ice skating or swimming or... just plain napping!)


Oh, Jimmy...

Is it just me or is Jimmy Wales trying to see if the disheveled geek image would help him just like it seems to have helped Craig…?

BTW, I did a Wikepedia edit once (I edited Jimmy’ personal page -- I figured I could help out a little… and he *did* take two of my “suggestions”: get rid of those embarrassing poems and the crazy medal looking thingy).

here’s my edit (inadvertently messed-up the whole formatting but I just altered a small part: the one between the “my name in other languages” and the “contacts” sections)

for those unfamiliar with Wikipedia edit pages: just the text of my edit

Where are all those adulatory poems?

They were getting to my head too much and I had to take them off (sorry for any inconvenience). I think the medal will be next.

BTW, my name is really Jimmy (please stop calling me “Jimbo” – I need to retire that stupid nickname, it’s had a good long run but now it just sounds plain dumb).

So, as I said, I founded this thing called “Wikipedia” (you may want to take a look at it) and if there is a Heaven and Hell I think it should at least buy me a ticket to the Purgatory (I’m counting on it). And if there isn’t, the resultant personal growth would still be enough of a justification -- this should provide a good hint to those who are not all that clear on the relationship between objectivism and altruism and hopefully also cut down on the related “gotcha questions” that are posed to me on a regular basis.

Before Wikipedia, I’ve done a bunch of other things, some of them slightly naughty (see: Bomis, particularly in the earlier years) but in the end none of them have made me really happy. So I just kept trying…

Basically… I think this is it! It’s just a whole lot more work than it looks like and I could do without at least half of the stress so anything you can do to help, it’s really appreciated! Thanks!


and here’s how his page looked like before my edit

he did NOT take my lose-the-Jimbo-thing hint, though… (oh, well…you can’t win them all! – I was just trying to help :)…


P.S. Funny thing: the wikipedians invited me to… go play in their sandbox! (I had no interest in anything beyond posting that edit -- looked at that “talk page” just now).

what's this all about?

MORE: also some posts that are not strictly comic relief but are a bit too far removed to be on the main craigslist criticism blog
a place to store the "comic relief" entries previously on the main craigslist criticism blog; I'm afraid it's gotten a bit out of hand and segregating them seems like a good idea D.