Tuesday, August 10, 2010

should be able to find a fix for a lot of the... hmm, should I call them cowardish moves?

MORE: twitter: (comic&sad) Eileen Whelpley's "booty picture" & Stowe Boyd's disappearing Craig Newmark entry (and backbone)...(http://bit.ly/dbKzfj) ~Delia less than 10 seconds ago via web

looks like *somebody* has been trying to erase the evidence (I pretty much know who it was and you should also...) -- a lot of my links from this blog appear to be dead (most of the time you can still see the path, which shows that there *was* a comment posted there etc.); I think I should be able to find a fix for most of them, I just don't know when I'll get around to it!

example: the "booty" picture

the links have been misplaced repeatedly (I had straightened it up in the past just to see that it would be messed-up again after a while): I should be able to find a permanent solution but for know, just browse through the pictures depicting Eileen Whelpley (Craig's girlfriend) -- there are two pictures there of interest, she's wearing tights, high hills and a "micro" dress (extra short) and is posing in the manner of craigslist's "adult" services ads..

right now, the links are the following:



they may well change soon but... as I said, I should be able to find a permanent fix!


P.S. I do think this is just lame... (to be removing links and leaning on people to remove the whole entry if I stopped by and talked to the them and the result was unfavorable to craig/craigslist (e.g. I thought somebody like Stowe Boyd would have a lot more of a backbone -- he apparently removed his whole entry just so my negative comments on Craig Newmark/ craigslist would also disappear) but... it just goes to show you how much I-scratch-your-back-you-scratch-mine is going on -- Seth Finkelstein was right after all ... D.

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