Saturday, December 12, 2009

moved to twitter @craigslistlaugh for the most part

with comic relief and periphery stuff; pretty much every time I check (which is not too often anymore), I keep finding statements to the effect that Craig Newmark is gay, more on craigslist than other sites, most of them get removed relatively quickly

here is a relatively recent one that still has the email address of the poster and the gist of the message -- currently on Google search cash (the craigslist page no longer exists -- you get the craigslist 404 error message, Jim's crazy-cow-wondering-if-to-return-to-the-craigslist-page -- is he realizing that people getting that message would rightly resent the implication?)

re Real or Fake (Tom here)
Reply to: Date: 2009-04-15, 8:42AM PDT. You're quite right in that Craig is gay and there is nothing wrong with that. ...

If anybody decides to really look into this issue and come up with a definite conclusion, please let me know! (again, unless somebody *shows* any actual wrong doing, in the context of NAMBLA perhaps, I only see it as a problem to the extent that he is deceiving people, especially his long term girlfriend, Eileen Whelpley -- if he truly is gay but pretends not to be and she has no idea)


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