Monday, February 16, 2009

Anthony Batt and craigslist

EVEN MORE: at one point someone editing the Wikipedia page on "craigslist" posted, among other things, that Craig was going around asking everyone he met for their business card ... --> Craig got pissed to the point of going on Wikipedia, attempting to edit the craigslist entry himself and telling an editor he could get Jimmy's help....(and he certainly did...)

well, if it was an acquaintance email list he was putting together... he must have gotten their email addreses somehow, no? and how do you get to the numbers he got in such a short time? asking for a card that would have the email address on it seems very likely... D.

MORE: interesting that Anthony refers to the pre-online craigslist as "an email list to acquaintances"

... what did he actually do? I don't think Craig ever credited him with helping him launch craigslist on the internet, yet this is what he claims on his site: (5th paragraph)"In 1995, Batt worked closely with friend Craig Newmark on the development and launch of Craigslist, helping to take it from its original format -- an email list to acquaintances -- to an online destination"; a profile for a 2007 conference goes much further: (3rd paragraph) "Batt was crucial in the development of and launch of Craigslist" [my emphasis]... if true, this certainly deserves acknowledgment... he is nowhere to be found on the craigslist page for "folks who contributed to the cause in the early years of craigslist;" it would appear that Paul Risenhoover's contribution, who is credited (second picture from bottom), was less substantial...


P.S. Craig just gives him credit on talking him into using "craigslist" as a formal name... D.

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