Monday, February 16, 2009

comic relief: Eileen uses Craig's card and craigslist...

... in an attempt to find her stolen glasses

in the poster ad, she gives the impression that *Craig* lost his glasses (brown with *turquoise undertones*? kind of gay, don't you think? ...): it's his number on top and his card on bottom

the Ayurvedic herbs mentioned towards the end of Eileen's ad on craigslist cracked me up! (does she believe in that sort of non-sense? she must...), as well as the fact that she had her passport with her while going to the Yogagarden...

and why would she tell people she had a very high prescription? was she expecting the finders to try her glasses on?

anyway, I hope she finds her glasses etc.... :)


P.S. wondering if Craig knows that she posted his phone number and card and that the sort of people that stole her stuff could very well have his personal info by now... D.

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