Monday, February 16, 2009

sounds like Craig to me...

MORE: and what's with the "he's a really nice guy" thing... ? (sound like a fible attempt to butter him up... or is Craig admiring his position on Net Neutrality...? that's the topic the entry was supposed to be about.. or is he just tripping again so we should excuse his confusion?)

if it looks like it might help, let's drag back things from the past... and "forget" to mention that the current situation is the opposite...


In 1999, Scott Cleland endorses 'net neutrality


UPDATE: Scott tells me he's changed his positions. He's a really nice guy. " (April 11, 2007)


P.S. did Craig really NOT know Scott Cleland changed his position? yeah, right... he just "forgot" he ever did this thing... (he may have some memory problems but it can't be that bad...); disingenuous sounds more like it... D.

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