Monday, February 16, 2009

why was Valleywag (Owen Thomas, specifically) silen on Craig's NAMBLA thing?

MORE: Good, God!I *really* hope this ISN'T Valleywag's Owen... -- didn't notice before but the conviction is listed and under 14 is way too young to have possibly thought the kid was actually an adult; still, not everybody who gets convicted is in fact guilty but it looks pretty bad... D.
re: Craig's NAMBLA thing? (and related topics, when they were squarely brought up on Valleywag by commenters)

... I do hope I'm wrong on this one... but take a look at this: doesn't that guy look too much like Valleywag's Owen Thomas? (it's hard to find a somber picture of him nowadays, but here is one taken from about the same angle -- his head is tilted the other way and he's got a smile on so that makes the mouth hard to compare but if you look at the structure of the head, the eyebrows, the nose shape, the eyes... )

I've always assumed his first name was Owen and his last name Thomas... but could he have switched them when he registered in San Francisco as a sex offender against children? or did he switch them in real life after registering ? Is either his first or second name Alex (as on the sex offenders' list)?


P.S. If I'm wrong on this (and I *do* hope I'm wrong), I would think Owen shouldn't feel offended: I mean I put down the evidence I saw with the doubts and all...

P.P.S. even if this is true, it does not necessarily mean that Owen is a horrible person -- he may just have been in a relationship with a guy who was 17 but looked and claimed to be older, who knows... but regardless, such a record would make him much less likely to look into NAMBLA issues and the like (for fear that his own record might be looked into and brought up) D.

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