Monday, February 16, 2009

... not so much to Google...

MORE: hmmm... it appears that it switches from one order of the set of results to the other for no particular reason... interesting! I would have thought you would get a consistent ranking of the hits... I mean, as long as the relevant stuff to be found doesn't change... D.


now... that was quick! (it reverted to giving my blog as the top hit...)


P.S. I'd like to document this (I still have the prior search result page up -- how do I get a screenshot image? let me know if you know how... thanks!) D.

I think this is a recent development (my blog had been the top hit for "craigslist criticism" on Google for months... and I only started a couple of months back)...

I have no clue why the change.. (my blog is now only on the second page of top hits and even there lower on the list than a lifejournal website that just lists "craigslist" and "criticism," separately, as interests -- it seems like Google garbled their results).

I mean, there is no new genuine craigslist criticism that's causing this... (the results themselves are the same that have been for months) .

I was hoping that was the case... :) (that somebody was finally taking this out of my hands) but the top hit (and the next 5) are hits as a result of MY having posted a craigslist criticism comment on those websites -- comments that are also present on my blog -- (would I NOT have commented a Google search on "craigslist criticism" would NOT have brought up those results at all...)

Google seemed to be "smarter" than other search engines in the sense that they appeared to notice that my blog was the source of all those craigslist criticism comments and listed it as the top hit. So, I don't know if they are going through a dumb down period or what? :)


P.S. Oh, well... no big deal... somebody get this out of my hands! please....:) D.

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