Monday, February 16, 2009

is Craig gay?

STILL MORE: Is Craig a LGBT member? this seems to imply it: "The Commonwealth Club of California will present a special LGBT member-led forum featuring Craig Newmark, founder of, and Betty Sullivan, founder of"

AND MORE: does this really matter in any way? not in itself... but if he is in fact gay (while pretending to be straight, having a girlfriend, who apparently has no clue etc.), that would be more evidence for a deceitful character...

EVEN MORE: this is probably just rubbish... but it may also be legitimate smoke...

MORE: although you can see this (in a milder form) while he was talking with Jon Stewart (the note on Craig's blog about "playing straight" is intriguing in this context...)

notice how he touches himself throughout the interview (at critical moments) and the gazes he gives Charlie... especially at the 17.11 min (I've been watching way too many of these interviews and this is not usual behavior for him...)


P.S. hmmm... was that female poster barking up the wrong tree... and is there something to that NAMBLA thing... D.

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