Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh, Jimmy...

Is it just me or is Jimmy Wales trying to see if the disheveled geek image would help him just like it seems to have helped Craig…?

BTW, I did a Wikepedia edit once (I edited Jimmy’ personal page -- I figured I could help out a little… and he *did* take two of my “suggestions”: get rid of those embarrassing poems and the crazy medal looking thingy).

here’s my edit (inadvertently messed-up the whole formatting but I just altered a small part: the one between the “my name in other languages” and the “contacts” sections)

for those unfamiliar with Wikipedia edit pages: just the text of my edit

Where are all those adulatory poems?

They were getting to my head too much and I had to take them off (sorry for any inconvenience). I think the medal will be next.

BTW, my name is really Jimmy (please stop calling me “Jimbo” – I need to retire that stupid nickname, it’s had a good long run but now it just sounds plain dumb).

So, as I said, I founded this thing called “Wikipedia” (you may want to take a look at it) and if there is a Heaven and Hell I think it should at least buy me a ticket to the Purgatory (I’m counting on it). And if there isn’t, the resultant personal growth would still be enough of a justification -- this should provide a good hint to those who are not all that clear on the relationship between objectivism and altruism and hopefully also cut down on the related “gotcha questions” that are posed to me on a regular basis.

Before Wikipedia, I’ve done a bunch of other things, some of them slightly naughty (see: Bomis, particularly in the earlier years) but in the end none of them have made me really happy. So I just kept trying…

Basically… I think this is it! It’s just a whole lot more work than it looks like and I could do without at least half of the stress so anything you can do to help, it’s really appreciated! Thanks!


and here’s how his page looked like before my edit

he did NOT take my lose-the-Jimbo-thing hint, though… (oh, well…you can’t win them all! – I was just trying to help :)…


P.S. Funny thing: the wikipedians invited me to… go play in their sandbox! (I had no interest in anything beyond posting that edit -- looked at that “talk page” just now).

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