Monday, February 16, 2009

(valleywag) Noodles & Beef: "Anyone curious why is Craig in the gay porn district?"

EVEN MORE: straight from the craigslist site: Bachelor Craig (if he is indeed gay, this looks like blatant deceit to me -- getting his mother to "help out," also... just sick...) D.

MORE: someone on the Wilmington craigslist (Rants & Raves) talks about it as if it were a known fact... (it may well be among certain people); re: "since Craig Newmark is gay"

title: Gay pride
Reply to:
Date: 2008-01-26, 9:51AM EST
the response comment makes me think I did stumble on something:

Sample023: "I'm curious (...) why you are so excited about outing someone."

Again, it would have been irrelevant if Craig wouldn't have deceived people about it (he still has a looking-for-repationships-with-women Friendster profile up).

Why doesn't Owen just come out and say it? He must know if Craig is gay... (he had no problem when it came to others, such as Peter Thiel). There have been a number of comments to the effect that Craig is gay by now but no reaction from Owen -- does the NAMBLA thing have something to do with it? (opening a too big can of worms?)


P.S. may explain why Craig's been calling Eileen "the girlfriend" (against her long standing clear wishes): "my girlfriend", may just not sound right to him! and rightly so... (poor Eileen... is she Craig's beard unwittingly? if she knew about it all along... I feel silly for having said she deserves respect...) D.

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