Monday, February 16, 2009

(aside) peer-to-patent


To whomever is in charge of this "pundits blog" overall:

suggestion: I'd make sure "the pundits" do answer pertinent questions about their posts (or get help if thy are unable to answer themselves). Otherwise, the designation seems to be a joke.


P.S. Good luck with everything, nonetheless! D.

MORE: doesn't this result in some applications being much more scrutinized than others? (which would be unfair) D

re: "the submission of top ten prior art by the pool of experts, who collectively constitute the 'person having ordinary skill in the art,' --> it really depends on who gets involved (and stays involved) with this project and how good a job they do at it ... as volunteers...

it could be well beyond ordinary skill; this would, arguably, result in an "unfair process" given that some applications would be much more scrutinized than others...


P.S. not a bad idea if they could have enough like-volunteers commit to the project say a year in advance so that the "extra help" could be evenly distributed D.

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