Monday, February 16, 2009

who could do this...

(much much better than I)

Jay Rosen is my first pick, by far... (no offense to those I don't know or I don't know well enough to realize just how good a job you could do at this)

and here's why (talking about keeping his project, NewAssignment, non-profit) :

"Good points, D.
Nope, it's non-profit all the way and will never become a commercial enterprise. I wouldn't be interested in a patent if it ever came to that. This is a Creative Commons, gift economy type thing; that's crucial to the kind of trust involved in the whole effort.

If New Assignment ever made money (which I highly doubt) it would all go into the journalism-- meaning do more journalism, do higher quality work, employ more journalists, give them health insurance, buy libel insurance, etc. And, yes, that will be clearly spelled out from the beginning. I don't think you can ask people to donate their time, knowledge & enthusiasm for something that enriches the "owners."

and yes I did ask him (sort of...):

"I'm contemplating a craigslist criticism blog of some sort -- I just think there are a lot of good questions about craigslist that are just not being asked or are merely alluded to (BTW, I'd love it if YOU did an article on craigslist... might even change my mind about this 'specialty blog' idea ...).

I also know Craig kick started his NewAssignment project...

So it would make me really happy if *anybody* would take this out of my hands and do an honest to goodness article on craigslist (so I could do more productive things with my time... like hiking, or ice skating or swimming or... just plain napping!)


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