Monday, February 16, 2009

Craig and Jimmy are sounding more and more alike (bad for Jimmy...)

Hi Jules!

the following part appears to refer to craigslist and Craig Newmark (not Wikipedia and Jimmy Wales):

"“How much money does Wikipedia make, in donations or otherwise?”

Wales: I really don’t know. Jim [the COO] would probably know. And Mabel [?] would certainly know. All I know, though is that our business model is laughable.

Wales went on to talk about how, given Wikipedia’s massive page views, simply adding Google Adsense would contribute up to $80M to the bottom line. “But we haven’t done it because our users haven’t asked for it.” After the appreciative audience applause died down, Wales went on to say that they constantly consider that Wikipedia’s potential untapped revenue is a massive resource for doing good, namely in the form of third world philanthropy. So he told the prematurely congratulatory crowd that, although he is not making any changes whatsoever to the business model, we should all consider what we could be doing for the less fortunate if Wikipedia were ad-supported. "


P.S. take care! D.

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