Monday, February 16, 2009

(is Craig gay?) Jim? Eileen and Susan? comic relief: where is *my* gaydar?

EVEN MORE: somebody else who seems to have personal knowledge...

answer for mediawhoremeou below:

(valleywag) bgj@mediawhoremeow: See my post above yours. Ouch! Will this make Craig "come out of the closet" and fight?

--> again, when I first read this comment I did not think it necessarily implied Craig was gay... I guess I'm pretty naive on these issues (thank god this never hurt me in real life... you hear horrible stories of women turning HIV positive after unwittingly being in a relationship with a gay/bi guy, some of them "happily married"... -- Price Charming just "forgot" to tell them this little detail that would have made them never consider having an intimate relationship in the first place...) D.

MORE: Craig's boyfriends coming out of the woodwork?

(valleywag) laserjobs: "Craig Newmark is a total SCUMBAG" (...) My comment was from dealing with Craig personally. Anyone I know who has meet him thinks the same thing." D.

errata: oops! looks like he was bi and out... and turned exclusively gay after his four year marriage to a woman! NNDB: " In 1976, John revealed in an interview in Rolling Stone that he was bisexual. In 1989, after four years of being married to a woman, John announced he was no longer bi, but strictly gay."... again, one of those things that are only funny if you are not in the situation... (I think it was on a recent MTV documentary that he spoke favorably of the relationship... but don't quote me on anything I say for comic relief:) D.
(valleywag) mediawhoremeow: "Is Craig Newmark gay? Just wondering. He strikes me as gay."

... looks like I just can't tell the signs... (people say they can just sense something in the mannerism, voice inflections etc.... it takes a whole lot more for me to just suspect it...)


P.S. who knows... it may turn out that Jim is gay also! (I remember something in feedback forum to that effect, someone asking what was the real relationship between Craig and Jim...) ... and Eileen and Susan are marrying each other any time now! *lol* sorry, sorry... may not be funny at all...

P.P.S. the thing is you never know... sometimes even the person in case seems to not really know -- Elton John was married to a woman for four years if I remember right, *after* being famously out of the closet as gay (not even bi)... and has described the marital relationship as fulfilling... go figure! D.

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