Monday, February 16, 2009

hmmm... what *kind* of weird? (around 2000, , a startup passed on Craig as "community manager")

MORE re:"Apparently no company would hire Craig. And this was a time when SF recruiters achieved the 7th level of nirvana when they landed someone who could code" -- again, it appears they would have had to have other reasons than the ... we just don't like his politics...
re: "Around 2000, we knew of a startup that needed a community manager. Craigslist's Craig applied but didn't get the job because we understood the head of engineering thought he was too weird [my emphasis] and had anti-capitalist ideas"

I'm not buying the weird by reason of political orientation: the community manager position would have been a job , an administrative job -- he would have had no say as far as the financial objectives of the startup were going to be...


P.S. it would be good to have more detail on this -- craigslist was definitely well known in San Francisco by that time (so the startup must have known who the applicant was -- Craig had impressive experience as community manager, not to mention that craigslist had turned for profit in 1999 and was already profitable... only 4 years after it began -- not bad at all!) D.

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