Monday, February 16, 2009

comic & sad relief: Craig's money

re: "I wonder, what happens this time? Will people with money show it off, hunker down, or maybe share the wealth?"

oh, I don't know... what are *you* going to do? *lol* talking of which, where are the fees from Erotic Services really going?

re: "That money will be donated to charities that address human trafficking and child exploitation, Buckmaster said. But the charities haven’t been chosen. That was one reason Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum would not join his 40 colleagues in supporting the changes at Craigslist — it’s unclear where that money will go, and how it will be distributed."
(Abigail Goldman in Las Vegas Sun: "Hawking erotic services? Craigslist now has your number" -- and *your money*!" I might add ...D.)


P.S. Nemrut: notice how Craig is implying that he can only afford "the cheap version of a mid priced watch" (just how stupid does he think his readers are?) D.


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