Monday, February 16, 2009

(more on) Anthony Batt and craigslist

or maybe not:)... (my comment is still "on moderation," while he's posted one that was submitted before mine and was not posted when I submitted mine so it's hard to believe that he just didn't see mine yet, he's also got a new entry up)

... looks like he may not have done much re: craigslist ... like a previous poster was saying... (much less politely...) D.
should have asked him from the beginning...


I'm curious what did you actually do re: craigslist. You said at one point that you were "crucial in the development of and launch of Craigslist." This doesn't seem to square off with the fact that Craig hasn't given you credit for such a significant contribution (although he has credited, on the craigslist site, others that appear to have done less).

Could you please clarify that? Thanks!



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