Monday, February 16, 2009

why "the gf" (when she's made it clear she hates being called that)?

re:"for the gf"

"She hates being called the Girlfriend and is unafraid to tell Newmark so"(middle of tenth paragraph -- May, 2006)

"Newmark insists on referring to Eileen as 'The Girlfriend'; this infuriates her"(end of forth paragraph -- August, 2006 )

makes you wonder what could this be about: she's made it clear she hates being called that yet he keeps publicly referring to her as that... for YEARS! (could it be that this relationship is a front of some sort? -- does Craig NEED to project the public image that he has a girlfriend?)


P.S. the details she gives (such as having a wall between them and the fact that he feeds her the exact same lines he gives to the papers after years of having been his girlfriend -- bottom half of tenth paragraph) give more reasons to wonder... D.

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